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myVMC – Virtual Medical Centre

Virtual Medical Centre (VMC) is an Australian medical information website. It delivers medical information, written by medical professionals, about current conventional medicine.

myVMC was born out of the necessity to have quality medical information available online to members of the general public. Health professionals can access medical information based on the latest best practice guidelines at

There are 25 medical specialty areas from cancer, to heart health, sexual health and child’s health. Each has medical information on:

  • prescription drugs
  • disease information
  • symptoms of disease
  • medical treatment
  • medical tests
  • doctor videos and animations
  • tools and calculators
  • latest medical trials and research
  • health events and conferences
  • medical support for patients
  • latest medical news
  • RSS feeds
  • medical dictionary

The information presented by myVMC is designed to support that provided by health professionals and never to replace it.

Last reviewed: October 2014

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Intravesical BCG (bladder cancer treatment) information | myVMC

Intravesical BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) is a vaccine administered into the bladder to prevent tuberculosis and reduce the recurrence of bladder cancer.

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Lumbar puncture (cerebrospinal fluid examination) | myVMC

A lumbar puncture is a procedure to remove fluid from the spine using a long needle. The fluid is tested to diagnose infection and inflammatory conditions

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Radionuclide scan (radioisotope scan) in nuclear medicine | myVMC

A radionuclide scan(also known as radioisotope scan) is a nuclear imaging technique of visualising parts of the body by injecting a radioactive substance.

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Colostomy after bowel cancer treatment: Personal experience | myVMC

After bowel cancer treatment, Amber must live with a colostomy bag to remove excrement from her colon. This is her experience.

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Abortion: Michelle reflects upon her abortion experience | myVMC

In Michelles experience, fear and embarrassment were much more difficult to cope with than the abortion surgery itself even though she was sure she wanted to terminate her pregnancy.

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Dentist's remedy for toothache experience | myVMC

Stu found out the hard way that the only cure for toothache is dental treatment, when a niggle became excruciating pain and headache. This is his story.

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Skin Cancer Overview | myVMC

Skin cancer occurs where there is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in a layer of the skin. There are three common forms of skin cancer that are distinguished by the type of cells affected.

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Health Checks in Childhood | myVMC

Health Checks in Childhood: Children should visit a health professional at birth, 1-4 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 6-8 months, 18 months, 2-3 years and 4-5 years. During these visits, their immunisation status and developmental status will be checked.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Impact on Other Diseases and Conditions | myVMC

Erectile dysfunction is associated with many systemic health conditions, which affect a man's physical health, can impact negatively on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and in some cases are life-threatening.

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Pathology tests for breast cancer information | myVMC

After a positive mammography result, pathology tests of tissues samples removed by biopsy are often used to diagnose breast cancer.

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