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CareSearch is an online resource designed to help those needing information and resources about palliative care. The website has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

When an illness cannot be cured and death will follow at some point, the focus of care changes to helping people have the best quality of life possible while managing their symptoms. Palliative care maintains quality of life by addressing physical symptoms such as pain or nausea as well as helping with emotional, spiritual and social needs.  

CareSearch has been designed for health professionals and for the people who need palliative care. There are specific information hubs for patients and families, GPs, nurses, and residential aged care.

The information held on the CareSearch website has been developed and reviewed by Australian health professionals to ensure its quality and relevance. As a web-based resource, the CareSearch materials are there when they are needed. Anyone with access to the internet can use the site. The CareSearch website is free to use.

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Many people who live in residential aged care can become very frail. Deterioration in their health can be slow. It may be barely noticeable in the short term. They may have been expected to die, only to recover more than once, despite their frailties. It can seem as if they are going to live forever. When death is expected, palliative care becomes the appropriate care choice. Not everyone knows what palliative care is. It may be difficult to see why it is now appropriate. Palliative care helps w

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Music Therapists

These pages provide access to resources and literature relevant to the practice of palliative care for Music therapists. Music therapy is the creative and professionally informed use of music in a therapeutic relationship with people identified as needing physical, psychosocial, or spiritual help, or with people aspiring to experience further self-awareness, enabling increased life satisfaction

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Helping to Maintain Hope

The importance of maintaining hope is not always readily considered in palliative care. However, all health professionals should be aware of the significance of hope in the context of living with life-limiting illnesses. The meaning of hope needs to be carefully considered and explored in a range of different ways for different people and families.

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Caring for a resident with dementia

Residents with dementia may not be able to tell people if they have pain or other problems. Residential aged care staff use assessment tools and guidelines, as well as their experience and knowledge of each person, to help them know when a resident is in pain, or if their pain is getting worse. These tools help residential aged care staff to give residents the right care at the right time. Families can talk to residential aged care staff about the kind of assessment tools they use to help plan t

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The concept of the human spirit is viewed in different ways. You may not believe in spirituality. You may not call spirituality by name or know how to identify it as such. You may express your spirituality in different ways. It is part of what makes you who you are.

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Changes at the Time of Death

Many people have little or no prior experience of dying and death. As a person approaches death, they will be likely to experience a variety of changes, such as decreasing energy and being easily tired.

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Superannuation and Insurances

When you are seriously ill you may need to think about your financial circumstances. Quite often people find that sorting out financial issues reduces worry.

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Competencies describe knowledge, skills and abilities required while performing within a position or role. Competencies can also be assigned to a task that someone is expected to undertake within that role.

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Who Provides Palliative Care

Palliative care is provided by many different health professionals. Some may specialise in palliative care and work full time in that role. Others will include palliative care as a part of their job, such as GPs and aged care nurses. Who is involved will depend on the illness and each persons individual needs.

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Social Support

Having supportive social and community networks can help family carers manage for longer. They may help with feeling more positive and less vulnerable to depression.

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