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LiveLighter is a program developed in Western Australia which aims to encourage Australians to lead healthier lifestyles - to make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active.

One in four Australian adults are obese bringing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer closer - along with a range of other health problems.

LiveLighter want to help people understand why they need to take action and what simple changes they can make in order to 'LiveLighter'.

LiveLighter program runs in Western Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory, and the website is available to all Australians.

The LiveLighter website offers a range of free tools and resources to help Australians achieve their healthy eating and physical activity goals. There are three choices of meal plans, a risk calculator as well as information for families, hundreds of free recipes and a range of healthy lifestyle information.

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LiveLighter - About toxic fat

Toxic fat is the internal fatty tissue which surrounds vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas.

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LiveLighter - Turn mindless eating into mindful meals

Read more on LiveLighter website

Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake | LiveLighter

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate and our bodies need carbohydrates for energy. Learn here about how too much sugar can lead to weight gain and tooth decay.

Read more on LiveLighter website

Sugary Drinks Facts | LiveLighter

Sugary drinks give us lots of energy but don’t fill us up or provide the nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy. View our facts on Sugary Drinks here.

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Low-carb craze: Should we avoid carbohydrates? | LiveLighter

We see endless weight loss diets suggesting that we ditch the carbs. These diets claim that cutting carbs will lead to weight loss, but is that the truth? And should we really be avoiding them?

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Is it time to rethink those sugary drinks? | LiveLighter

Imagine you’re snuggled up on the couch, listening to the rain on the roof tiles and watching someone make you a nice hot cup of tea. They add a touch of milk, and a teaspoon of sugar. And then another. And then another. And then seven more spoons of sugar. You probably wouldn’t drink that cup of tea, but that’s how much sugar is in a can of soft drink.

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Avoiding Sugary Drinks Tips | LiveLighter

Soft drinks are very high in sugar and kilojoules, and provide no nutritional value other than fluid. A 600ml bottle of regular soft drink has around 15 teaspoons of sugar in it.

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Sugary Drinks Calculator | LiveLighter

Have you ever wondered how much sugar and energy you consume from drinks? Enter your details into LiveLighter's free Sugary Drinks Calculator to find out!

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LiveLighter - Cardiovascular Disease and the link between overweight and obesity

Overweight and obese are terms used to describe the body weight of people who are carrying excess body fat. To determine whether someone is overweight or obese, their body mass index (BMI) is calculated using their height and weight.

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How to Sit Less and Move More | LiveLighter

Being active is an important part of the healthy weight equation. All the energy in the food we eat needs to be used up to prevent weight gain.

Read more on LiveLighter website

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