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youngpainhealth is a contemporary digital platform, co-designed in partnership with young Australian people and clinical experts to support young people in their musculoskeletal pain care and to help improve their life quality.

Vision and mission


youngpainhealth aspires to support young people living with chronic musculoskeletal pain with their pain care to improve their quality of life.


youngpainhealth is focused on supporting young people living in Australia with high value holistic musculoskeletal pain care. youngpainhealth offers a model of digitally-enabled care co-created ‘with young people for young people’ living with chronic musculoskeletal pain in partnership with clinical experts and Curtin University-led clinical researchers.

How youngpainhealth can help

youngpainhealth provides 24/7 readily accessible, free, credible, practical and holistic care information, supportive self-management resources, tips and skills for young people living with chronic musculoskeletal pain. youngpainhealth adopts a partnership model to ensure content is meaningful, resonates with young people’s experiences and needs, reflects contemporary evidence for musculoskeletal pain and health policy priorities. youngpainhealth was funded through a grant from WA Health with in-kind support from Curtin University.

Information lines / help lines

youngpainhealth is freely available to all young people and accessible 24/7. youngpainhealth provides further contacts for WA-based pain services, links to Australia-wide mental health services and links to the Painaustralia and the Australian Pain Society health professionals’ Australia-wide pain directory.

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Last reviewed: July 2023

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Tim’s CRPS impacted every aspect of his life, especially his mental health

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) - young painHEALTH

There is no gold standard x-ray or imaging test, or laboratory, genetic, or electrical diagnostic (nerve) test to confirm a CRPS diagnosis

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Helping others help you - young painHEALTH

This section is designed for those supporting young people with pain

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For 95% of people back pain is ‘non-specific’

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Chronic Widespread Pain (CWPS) - young painHEALTH

Making sense of pain means getting an acceptable and meaningful explanation that helps you understand why pain persists, and what you can do to manage your pain and keep doing the things that give your life meaning

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Mindfulness and pain - young painHEALTH

Start tuning into moments when you’re struggling with pain or difficult emotions

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Making sense of your pain - young painHEALTH

We have listened to young people describe the complex, multi-dimensional and disruptive impact of living with persisting musculoskeletal pain

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Medicines and pain - young painHEALTH

Words that can help you in discussions with your doctor or pharmacist about using pain medicines:  Acute pain – the kind that warns us we are about to get injured (too close to the flames) or that we are injured or unwell (after a cut, bruise, break, acutely swollen joint)

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Juvenile Arthritis - young painHEALTH

Juvenile Arthritis can affect many aspects of young lives – and there is help

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Medical self check starter page - young painHEALTH

A short quiz to help screen for any serious medical conditions that require urgent medical attention or specific treatment

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