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Limbs 4 Life

Limbs 4 Life is the peak body for amputees in Australia and was founded as an incorporated charity in 2004. Limbs 4 Life provides services to tens of thousands of Australian amputees and their care givers, who rely on the programs and services for assistance prior to, during or after amputation.

Limbs 4 Life empowers amputees with knowledge and support to make a real difference, because no one should have to go through limb loss alone.

Limbs 4 Life offers this support via:
  • the provision of: one-on-one peer support
  • current health-based literacy and wellbeing information
  • social inclusion events and activities; and
  • web-based (and social media) information and assistance tools.

Importantly, Limbs 4 Life also seeks to raise awareness of amputees, minimise the stigmas people with limb loss in the community face, while working to encourage people to lead healthy lives that can reduce potential future limb amputations.

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About Limb Difference and Limb Difference Professionals

Limb difference is an overarching term used to describe any child or young person born with a congenital limb deficiency or who acquires limb loss after birth.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Congenital Limb Differences

This Fact Sheet contains information that will assist you if you have been told you are having or have just given birth to a child with a congenital limb difference including: sharing news about your baby; your new baby; and, accessing support.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Acquired Limb Differences

A person with an acquired limb difference has had an amputation to remove all or part of a limb. This differs from congenital limb difference (where a child is born with a limb difference) although sometimes a congenital limb difference leads to an amputation or reconstruction following a child’s birth. Generally, however, a limb amputation is required because of trauma (such as an accident) or an illness.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Prosthetic Limb and Health Care Funding

This Fact Sheet provides information about: appointment types and costs; prosthetic limb funding arrangements; state limb schemes; and, accessing support.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Hygiene, Phantom Pain and Phantom Sensation

This Fact Sheet provides information about: hygiene and residual limb care; phantom pain and phantom sensation; and, accessing support

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Returning to School after a Limb Amputation

When your child returns to kindergarten, pre-school or school after a limb amputation it can be a stressful and emotional time for you, your child and the rest of your family. It can also be a worrying time for your child’s school, teachers and peers. To reduce stress during this transition there are approaches you can use to ensure the return to school period is as smooth as possible.

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Assisting Students to Understand Limb Difference

This Fact Sheet provides some tips for ensuring that your child’s peers understand your child’s limb difference and positively support him or her at school (or in sporting and social groups).

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Post-School Transitions

Leaving school is a significant time in the life of any young person. It is a time of great change, of leaving behind the familiar environment of school, beginning life as an adult and exploring new challenges and opportunities.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Grief and Loss

This Fact Sheet provides information about how to help your child, yourself and others to grieve and adjust. There are also links to organisations that are specifically there to support people experiencing loss or grief.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

Supporting Siblings

This Fact Sheet provides information about ways of talking to a sibling about their brother or sister’s limb difference, challenges faced by some siblings, ways of supporting siblings and accessing support.

Read more on Limbs 4 Life website

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