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ACI Pain Management Network

The Pain Management Network is one of thirty five networks and taskforces within the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and is responsible for implementing the NSW pain plan.

ACI is one of the four pillars of NSW Health responsible for developing and implementing models of care. The Pain Management Network is made up of volunteer lead clinicians in the field across the disciplines and Local Health Districts, as well as consumers with pain, and consumer advocacy organisations. The network has an executive body which meets bimonthly, and a number of working groups that feed into this. The Pain Management Network has collected and developed tools and resources that are evidence based to both clinicians in primary care and consumers with pain in the community. These tools and resources are available on the Pain Management Network website.

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Staying on Track

This episode is all about keeping on track to help maintain improvements in pain management. The key to staying on track lies in your continued use of coping strategies that you find helpful. It requires staying focussed and effort, and it is important to remember that most people with chronic pain can expect some set-backs or pot-holes on their journey.

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Pain and Family

In this episode you will learn about the importance of families how your family can help you with your pain and how you can help them.

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Pain and Role of Medications

In this episode, you will learn that medications are only part of a good pain management plan. Certainly, long term use of a number of pain medications have been found to be ineffective in controlling the intensity of pain you experience. All medications need to be reviewed regularly to ensure there is a benefit to your function and quality of life. Some people may benefit from long term medication use, but usually other strategies are required to support this. If you plan to reduce your medication, discuss this with your GP as other pain management techniques may be required to assist you through this process.

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Medications for Spinal Cord Injury Pain

In this episode, you will learn about the different types of medication that can be helpful for SCI pain. You will learn how these medications work to reduce pain, and how they can be a part of your pain management tool box. You will also learn about common medication side-effects, and how to talk to your health care team about medications for SCI pain.

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Chronic Pain Toolkit for Clinicians

Early assessment and effective management of pain is essential to prevent its progression to Chronic Pain. Click here to read key messages.

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Getting help from your Healthcare Team

In this episode, you will learn that managing your pain is a team effort. You need to work and communicate closely with a healthcare team you can trust. Usually the centre of the team is your GP. This film introduces you to the idea of a personal pain management plan; something you develop and use to communicate with your healthcare team and to keep you on track.

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The SCI Pain Navigator | ACI

The SCI Pain Navigator

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Pain and Feelings

Welcome to Episode 3. In this episode, you will learn to understand the role that pain has on feelings and the role that feelings can play in influencing your experience of chronic pain.

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Understanding Pain after Spinal Cord Injury

In this episode you will learn more about why pain occurs after spinal cord injury and why this pain is unique. You will learn about what causes the different types of pain and why a range of strategies are needed to effectively target pain.

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Spinal Cord Injury Pain

Pain is common after spinal cord injury, with up to 70% of people experiencing pain for more than 6 months. This website will give you a better understanding of SCI pain. You will hear directly from people in pain about helpful strategies, tools and resources to help you learn pain management skills. If your healthcare providers have questions about SCI pain. direct them to the SCI Pain Navigator for further information

Read more on ACI Pain Management Network website

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