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Recharge sleep app

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The Recharge sleep app by offers young men a personalised 6 week program designed to improve mood, energy and wellbeing, as well as establish healthy sleep habits.

The app prompts users to set daily goals and reports on their mood and energy throughout the day. It also demonstrates how certain lifestyle changes can improve wellbeing.

Recharge by

Recharge is a free app, suitable for ages 12 and above and can be downloaded from Recharge - Apple Store.

This app is provided by one of Healthdirect Australia's trusted information partners. Please consider if this app is appropriate for your own individual circumstances. There may be costs to use the app or it may be free. You may also be charged for data from your telecommunications provider. For 24-hour health advice call healthdirect on 1800 022 222 or if you need help now these emergency and crisis helplines can provide immediate support.

Last reviewed: March 2016

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Good Sleep Habits

There are many things that can be done to improve sleep. Here are some guidelines for what you should and should not do for a good night's sleep. Many people have trouble with their sleep. If you are one of them, some of these simple things may help.

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Good sleep habits | Arthritis Australia

What are sleep habits? Good sleep habits (also called good sleep hygiene) are things that you can do to give your child the best chance of a good refreshing sleep. Most of these things are common sense but can be forgotten in everyday busy life. Why is sleep important? Sleep is essential for good health. It refreshes

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Good sleep habits for infants and children

Getting a good night's sleep is important for a child's development. Here are tips to encourage good sleeping habits for newborns through to school age children.

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Good sleep habits for children with autism | Raising Children Network

Children with autism spectrum disorder need as much sleep as others. Read how to promote good sleep habits so children with ASD sleep and settle better.

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Settiling Your Crying And Overtired Toddler | Tresillian

Sleeping habits change as your child develops. To promote healthy sleep habits daily routines need to match your childs developmental stage. Here are some tips on helping your crying or overtired toddler sleep.

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Is your child getting enough sleep? Get answers to this and other FAQs about childrens sleep, sleep problems, sleep needs and sleep habits. Article available in: Arabic, Dari, Karen, Persian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese.

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Behavioural interventions can help infants, toddlers and children to develop good sleep habits

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Sleep and your child

Common sleep disorders include nightmares and night terrors and sleepwalking. Bedwetting in children can also be a problem in early childhood.

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Helping your child sleep through the night

Help your child develop a healthy sleeping pattern, sleep longer at night and wake less often. Learn more about how your child can develop good sleeping habits.

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Ten Common Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is when it is hard to get to sleep or stay asleep. Often, the cause is discomfort from an illness. Other times, it can be feeling upset, sad or stressed.

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