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Mastering Generalised Anxiety

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Mastering Generalised Anxiety is an app developed by the team at THIS WAY UP from UNSW at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. It is designed to lessen the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Based on the proven and effective iCBT courses from THIS WAY UP designed to treat anxiety and depression disorders, this app provides illustration-based lessons, downloadable resources, wellbeing tracking and tools to help you feel better.

Mastering Generalised Anxiety by THIS WAY UP

Mastering Generalised Anxiety is available from the Google Play Store and Apple iOS store for $59.99.

This app is provided by one of Healthdirect Australia's trusted information partners. Please consider if this app is appropriate for your own individual circumstances. There may be costs to use the app or it may be free. You may also be charged for data from your telecommunications provider. For 24-hour health advice call healthdirect - 1800 022 222 or if you need help now these emergency and crisis helplines can provide immediate support.

Last reviewed: August 2016

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) | myVMC

This condition is characterised by excessive worry about actual circumstances, events or conflicts that occur in everyday life

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

People with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) feel anxious and have worries most of the time. These worries interfere with their normal lives.

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Generalised anxiety disorder | At Ease for Veterans

People with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) worry excessively about a number of different areas of life, such as family, health, finances, and work difficulties. This page provides you with information about generalised anxiety disorder and what you can do about it and where where you can get help

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How To Deal with Anxiety and Worry | THIS WAY UP

Experiencing irrational or uncontrollable worries? You may be suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Learn more about GAD.

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Online Course and App for Anxiety (GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder) | THIS WAY UP

This Way Up helps you combat Generalised Anxiety Disorder with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Learn more about this course.

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Self-assessment - GAD-7 | Jean Hailes - Anxiety: Learn, Think, Do

The GAD-7 has 7 questions which ask about both the symptoms of anxiety and how anxious you are. If you would like to explore your level of both anxiety and depression you may like to complete the Kessler 10 (K10).

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Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in Australia. One in four people will experience an anxiety disorder at some stage of their lives.

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder | WayAhead

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is intense anxiety and worry about a variety of events and issues (for example, work, health, family), and the worry is out of proportion to the situation. People with Generalised Anxiety Disorder have difficulty controlling their worry. They may feel like they are always worrying about

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MindSpot Clinic | About Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect 1 in 7 people in Australia each year. Stress, worry, fear and panic are words that describe anxiety.

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Generalised anxiety disorder emotional health for new parents

Most people accept that a little worry or stress is normal especially when youre having a baby. However, it is not healthy to feel worried all the time.

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