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Depression treatment

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What is depression?

Depression is a mental health condition which can affect a person's ability to function.

Depression is not just sadness. It’s a disorder that needs to be treated seriously. Being told to ‘cheer up’ or ‘get over it’, won’t help someone suffering from depression, but there are many treatments that can.

Just as there are different types of depression, there are also different types of treatment. Physical, psychological, complementary and self-help solutions can all be effective, usually in combination.

There’s no one treatment for depression, but in consultation with a health care provider you can find the right treatment approach for you and start moving towards a future that is free from depression.

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Last reviewed: August 2017

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St John’s wort as a depression treatment

St John’s wort (hypericum perforatum) is a perennial herb with a yellow flower that has been used to treat nervous conditions since ancient Greek times.

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Vagus nerve stimulation involves stimulating the brain via an implanted device that produces electric signals. It treats depression.

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Clinical depression is a common psychological condition characterised by persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness, and often also anxiety.

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Department of Health | Coping with depression: Australian treatment guide for consumers and carers, 2005

The purpose of this guide is to clarify for consumers and carers the symptoms of depression and where to get help, the treatment options and an estimate of the costs, as well as advice on where to find further information and support.

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Depression is a common mental illness that cause constant very low moods. It is treated with antidepressants (medicines) and counselling or psychotherapy.

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Treatments for depression

A large number of different treatments are available for depression and new treatments (particularly medications) regularly appear.

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Learn about treatment for depression: who delivers treatment, what to expect from treatment, costs, and what to do if your treatment is not working

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Learn about treatments for depression including psychological treatments, physical treatments such as medication, ECT, TMS and DCS, eMental Health and self-help strategies

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Clinical depression is an illness, a medical condition. It significantly affects the way someone feels, causing a persistent lowering of mood. Depression is often accompanied by a range of other physical and psychological symptoms that can interfere with the way a person is able to function in their everyday life. The symptoms of depression generally react positively to treatment

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Find out if psychoeducation is likely to help.

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