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Mental health and wellbeing

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Almost half of Australian adults will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. Mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse and other conditions do not discriminate, and can affect anyone. But support and treatment can help.

For advice and to get connected to local mental health services, you can call Head to Health on 1800 595 212. Check the operating times. For more mental health support, see below.

Anxiety conditions

Anxiety can help us remain alert and be ready for challenges, but for 1 in 8 Australians, anxiety is a disorder that can impact every day life.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships

Just because you love each other doesn't mean you will communicate well. Healthy relationships take work. Nurture your relationship with these tips.

Bullying and harrassment

It comes in many forms - such as verbal, physical or online abuse - and bullying can leave the target feeling weak, helpless and even responsible.

Caring for someone with a mental illness

Caring for a friend or family member with a mental illness can be challenging. These tips will help you look after your own mental health and access support.


Depression is a common condition, affecting how you feel, think and act. It's often treatable and likely to improve with a doctor's support.

Eating disorders and body image

An estimated 1 million Australians experience a type of eating or body image disorder. But treatment is available to help them lead healthier lives.

Good mental health

How can you achieve good mental health? Practicing showing gratitude or giving to others are examples, but there are also many other ways.

Grief and loss

It's the natural response to losing someone who was close to you, but grief can also follow serious illness, divorce or other loss.

Mental health professionals

Mental health isn't the area of psychologists and psychiatrists alone. Discover the different types of mental health workers available to you.

Mental health: where to get help

Learn how to navigate the Australian mental health system and its helpful services and find out about any potential costs.

Mental illness

One in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness in any given year. Find more information here on causes and symptoms of mental illness.

Mindfulness and mental health

Research shows that mindfulness - focusing on the present - can improve memory and reduce stress, and it's a technique that anyone can practice.

Mood disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder can make it hard to function in relationships or at work, but help is available. Learn more about mood disorders here.


Many people, at times, feel paranoid. Paranoia is a state of mind in which a person believes that others are trying to harm them.

Personality disorders

Learn more about the diagnoses and treatment for personality disorders, such as borderline personality and nacissistic personality.


Psychosis, where people experience an altered sense of reality, is treatable. But its causes remain a mystery to researchers.


Despite what you may think, people with schizophrenia don't have a 'split personality' and very few are violent. Learn more about this mental illness.


Self-harm can involve cutting the skin, alcohol misuse, or an eating disorder and is often a way of coping with low self-esteem or trauma.

Nine signs of mental health issues

Can you spot the difference between a bad mood and something more serious? These 9 signs could point to a mental health issue in someone you love.

Mental illness stigma

People with mental health problems may face stigma, which can lead to discrimination and make mental illness worse. Find out how to reduce stigma.


Stress is a normal, physical response, but it becomes a problem when it overwhelmes you or continues for a long time. Learn how to tell if you're too stressed.

Substance abuse

Substance use disorders involve using too much alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and are also known as substance abuse, substance dependence or addiction.

Improve your sleep

Sleep is physically and mentally restorative. Learn about the stages of sleep, healthy habits and tips for a better night's rest.

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Last reviewed: April 2022

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