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Hepatitis B prevention

If you have hepatitis B it's important to protect others from infection.

Important ways to prevent the spread of hepatitis B include:

  • vaccination of all your close contacts (family members and sexual contacts)
  • practice safe sex (use condoms) until your sexual contacts are fully vaccinated and immune
  • do not donate blood, organs or body tissue
  • do not allow your blood to contact another person (cover cuts, clean blood spills with bleach)
  • inform healthcare workers (including dentists)
  • if your work involves potential for your blood or other body fluid to spread to other people, discuss your situation with your doctor.

The hepatitis B vaccine is safe and effective in protecting against hepatitis B infection, providing protection in 95% of vaccinated people.

In Australia, hepatitis B vaccination is part of the standard immunisation schedule for all newborn babies. It's also recommended for adults who are at high risk of exposure, immunosuppressed or have other liver disease, be vaccinated against hepatitis B. Talk to your doctor about your level of risk and whether hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for you.

Last reviewed: July 2017

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