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Blood transfusion

Every week, Australia needs 27,000 donations from volunteers to ensure there is an adequate supply of blood and blood products for those who need it. People who give blood may feel light-headed and nauseous – Red Cross Blood Service donation centres keep a close eye on donors after their donation to reduce the risk of more serious side effects. People need to have donated blood and blood products for many different reasons – after surgery, after accidents, after giving birth and more. A few need donations regularly for genetic conditions like haemophilia. Some people who received donated blood have a fever, while a very small number get infections. About 1 in 3 Australians will need a blood transfusion at some time in their lives. Follow the links below to find trusted information about blood transfusion.

Last reviewed: August 2014

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Donating blood

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Blood transfusions -

Find out about blood transfusions and their safeguards.

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Blood Transfusion | The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

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Blood group testing - Lab Tests Online AU

To determine your blood group in preparation for a possible blood transfusion or treatment with specific blood components or products.

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Patient blood management consent

Patient blood management (PBM) is a recent standard of care in medicine and surgery

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Blood typing - ABO blood groups and Rh types

Classifying blood types is particularly important when it comes to blood transfusions. The most common systems used for classifying blood are the ABO blood group system and the Rhesus (Rh) type system.

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Crossmatch - Lab Tests Online AU

To enable the transfusion laboratory to select and issue the most appropriate and compatible blood for a transfusion.

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Are there risks associated with donating or receiving blood? The blood banking community can assure the Australian public that it is safe to donate blood. A new, sterile needle and blood collection set is used for each donation procedure. Therefore, you cannot get infected with viruses, such as HIV or hepatitis, by donating blood.

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Protecting supply - Lab Tests Online AU

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About us | Australian Red Cross Blood Service

The Red Cross Blood Service supplies blood safely to 23 million people across 7 million square kilometres. Find out more about the business of saving lives.

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