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Blood transfusion

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Every week, Australia needs 27,000 donations from volunteers to ensure there is an adequate supply of blood and blood products for those who need it. People who give blood may feel light-headed and nauseous – Red Cross Blood Service donation centres keep a close eye on donors after their donation to reduce the risk of more serious side effects. People need to have donated blood and blood products for many different reasons – after surgery, after accidents, after giving birth and more. A few need donations regularly for genetic conditions like haemophilia. Some people who received donated blood have a fever, while a very small number get infections. About 1 in 3 Australians will need a blood transfusion at some time in their lives. Follow the links below to find trusted information about blood transfusion.

Last reviewed: August 2014

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Blood donations and transfusions

Are you eligible to donate blood? What are blood donations used for? What happens during a blood transfusion? Answers to common questions about blood donations and transfusions.

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Blood donation | myVMC

Blood is a bodily fluid which is circulated around the body via small vessels. Blood contains nutrients and oxygen which are needed to maintain healthy tissues. Blood has a number of components, including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

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Blood donation (giving blood) information on video | myVMC

Blood donation or plasma donation, that is giving blood to a blood bank, is a simple procedure that enables blood transfusions and can save lives.

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Blood Transfusion | myVMC

Medical centre information for blood donation and health of blood transfusion rhesus factor blood group information Australia

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Donating blood | Australian Red Cross Blood Service

The Blood Service collects blood from voluntary, non-remunerated donors at both fixed and mobile collection centres across Australia to ensure our blood supplies can meet the needs of patients who require blood transfusions.

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Developing artificial blood substitutes video | myVMC

Developing artificial blood substitutes could enable more blood transfusions and relieve pressure on blood donors. However; they cannot yet be produced.

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Blood transfusion | Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

What is a blood transfusion? A blood transfusion is a way of giving a small amount of one persons blood to another person who needs it

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Patient blood management consent

Patient blood management (PBM) is a recent standard of care in medicine and surgery

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Can people who have had cancer still donate blood? :: Transfusion resources

Details what people need to know who have had cancer and want to donate blood

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Supportive care | Leukaemia Foundation

Supportive Care could involve blood transfusions, growth factors, and platelet transfusions.

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