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GORD can affect children and adults but can be treated with lifestyle changes.

GORD can affect children and adults but can be treated with lifestyle changes.
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GORD and diet

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Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is a common digestive problem, and diet and nutrition play an important part in its management. Most people with GORD find that their symptoms are influenced by what they eat and drink.

Problem foods

It is a good idea to work out which foods trigger your symptoms so you can avoid them. The foods will be different for everyone, so only cut out the ones that are a problem for you. You don’t have to restrict your diet unnecessarily.

For many people, problem foods include:

  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • fatty or spicy foods and pepper
  • drinks containing caffeine
  • soft drinks
  • citrus fruit juices
  • chocolate
  • peppermint

You could also try to avoid:

  • battered or fried foods
  • pastries
  • rich cakes and biscuits
  • fatty food such as hamburgers, fried chicken and pizza

Lifestyle habits

Losing weight if appropriate is a good thing, as is cutting down on the fat in your diet and exercising regularly.  Walking every day can help with digestion and weight loss.

Try to make meal times stress-free by eating slowly, taking time to chew food properly and generally making sure it is a relaxing time.

Avoid eating large meals, or eating late at night. Try not to lie down straight after eating.

Better digestive health

Some general tips to help with digestion include:

  • increasing fibre by replacing some of your normal diet with wholemeal bread, brown rice, fruit and vegetables, beans and oats
  • drinking plenty of fluids such as water
  • avoiding or cutting down on soft drinks and caffeinated drinks

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Last reviewed: September 2018

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