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Weddings, Funerals and Religious gatherings - Tasmania

Updated on 23 October 2021, at 14:00 AET


Commercial premises and churches

The maximum number of people who can attend a wedding at a commercial or public venue or a church is:

  • 250 people, if the venue is indoors
  • 500 people, if the venues is outdoors

However, the total number can’t exceed 1 person per 2 square metres.

These numbers do not include staff or contractors such as celebrants, photographers, caterers, musicians and drivers.

Residential premises

Up to 100 people can attend a wedding at a residential property.

This cap includes the people who normally live at the house, as well as the bridal party, celebrant, guests, children, babies, photographers, caterers, musicians and drivers.

The 100-person limit still applies if the wedding is held on a large private property, farm or block of land that also includes a residential premises, unless the part of the property on which the wedding is to be held is — as part of the property’s normal operations for the provision of services — normally used for weddings.

A wedding held in a barn on a property that forms part of a residential premises on acreage would still be limited to 100 people, including the people who usually live on the property.


You can dance and drink while standing at weddings if there’s no more than:

  • 100 people dancing or standing while drinking in indoor spaces
  • 250 people dancing or standing while drinking in outdoor spaces

Funerals and places of worship

A funeral held in an indoor space can have no more than 250 people.

The total number of people at each premises can’t exceed 1 person per 2 square metres. For example, an indoor premises can’t hold more than 100 people if the floor space measures 200 square metres.

Larger gatherings may be allowed if organisers register with Business Tasmania at If guests are seated most of the time, the maximum number of attendees can’t exceed 100% of seated capacity. In unseated areas, no more than 1 person per 2 square metres can enter.

In all cases, it’s important that physical distancing and hygiene requirements are followed. If you feel unwell, you shouldn’t attend a wedding, funeral or place of worship.

Mandatory ‘Check in TAS’ app


A range of businesses, venues, organisations and events must register for and use the free Check in TAS app to collect the contact details of patrons aged 16 years and older.

You must clearly display the Check in TAS QR code at all your premises or event entrances. You will receive this QR code after you have registered.

For more information, including the complete list of applicable businesses and events, and how to register, visit and click on ‘Information for organisations and businesses’.


Tasmanians and visitors aged 16 years and older must check in to a range of businesses, venues, organisations and events with the Check in TAS app.

If you do not have an electronic device or are unable to use one, others in your group can check you in on their device or staff can check you in manually.

For more information about the Check in TAS app, visit

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