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Tips to achieve work-life balance

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A healthy work-life balance allows time for work and all the other aspects of your life. Here's 8 tips to help you achieve a balanced life.

1. Know your values

Spend some time thinking about what is important to you in life. How much time do you actually spend on the most important priorities? Consider your passions and interests and make time for the things that make you feel alive.

2. Time management

Diaries, calendars, apps and to-do lists are all useful strategies. Keep track of where the time goes, and cut down on unnecessary time wastage. Shop online, reduce commuting time or avoid non-essential meetings.

3. Boundaries

Set limits on your work time and set time aside for other aspects of life. Switch off the phone, limit your access to work emails, go internet-free for a while. Learn to say no.

4. Enjoy your work

‘Do what you love, love what you do’ has become a popular catch-phrase. While all work can be tedious or stressful at times, if you really hate your job or if it is making your life impossible, consider changing jobs or even careers.

5. Consider your finances

Do you really need a new car? Could you be happy living in a less expensive home or location? Research has shown that once our basic needs are met, a higher income does not lead to happiness. Spending less money could mean fewer work hours and more time for a fuller life.

6. Relationships

Positive relationships and social support have been identified as building resilience to cope with stress, but these take time to nurture and develop. Prioritise time with your family and loved ones.

7. Health

Regular exercise has proven benefits for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Get enough sleep at regular times, eat healthy food, drink in moderation and avoid illegal drugs.

8. Down time

Sometimes, rest periods are important to recharge the batteries. Schedule a regular time for yourself each week, read a book, do nothing, go shopping or do an activity you enjoy.

Last reviewed: December 2016

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