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Symptom checker

Our Symptom checker provides clinical advice on what to do next based on your symptoms.


Trusted information about fever, including what a normal temperature is, how to take the temperature, fever treatments and self care, and when to call a doctor

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Rheumatic fever

Rheumatic fever is a serious inflammatory disease that affects the body's connective tissues, especially those of the heart, joints, brain and skin. Follow these links to trusted information about rheumatic fever.

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Dengue fever

Dengue fever is an illness which is similar to a serious case of the flu. Read more about prevention, symptoms and treatment of dengue fever.

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Q fever

Q fever is an infection that is spread to people from an animal or their infected surroundings. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatment of Q fever.

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Glandular fever

Trusted information on glandular fever, including causes, symptoms, when to see a doctor, treatments and how to prevent glandular fever in the first place

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Yellow fever

Links to trusted information about yellow fever.

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Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection which usually affects primary school-aged children. Learn more about its cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention options.

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Fever in children - infographic

When should a child with a fever see a doctor? How do I treat a fever at home? Answer these questions and more with this infographic about fever in children.

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Fever and high temperatures in children

Fevers are quite common in young children and usually they are mild. Find out how to deal with fever and high temperatures in children here.

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Hay fever self care

Trusted information on self care for hay fever, tips to manage hay fever symptoms, and links to trusted resources.

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Glandular fever treatments

Glandular fever (also called the ‘kissing disease’) is an infectious disease which is common in teenagers and young adults. Learn more about the treatments for glandular fever.

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