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Healthy sleep and shift workers

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Shift work is difficult since, for most people, it means working against their natural body rhythms.

You need to be active and alert at night - the time when your body is meant to be asleep - and need to get your sleep in the daytime, when your body is telling you to wake up. Because of this, it's critical for shift workers to establish sleeping habits that are as healthy as possible.

There are some important things to remember if you are a shift worker:

  • make time for adequate sleep
  • don’t fill up your day with social activities and go to work at night
  • ensure your family or people you live with know when you shouldn’t be disturbed where possible
  • if possible, sleep before work so you can establish the routine of getting up and going to work.

Sleep Disorders Australia has more information on sleep and shift work.

Last reviewed: July 2017

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