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Sciatica can lead to pain in the back and legs.

Sciatica can lead to pain in the back and legs.
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Sciatica treatment

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Sciatica therapies can include drug treatment, lifestyle changes or surgery.

The choice of sciatica therapies can depend on the length of symptoms and severity of your condition. These therapies can include;

  • special back care education
  • rest
  • physical therapies
  • drug treatment
  • lifestyle changes or
  • surgery.

When you first experience sciatica, one or two days’ bed rest may be needed. However, it's important to remain as active as possible, to help your spine stay strong.

Sciatica treatment includes analgesics such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, and physiotherapy. If your symptoms persist, an injection of anaesthetic into the spine may be needed or, in rare cases, surgery.

Looking after your back, managing your weight, and improving your general physical condition can all help prevent sciatica.


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Last reviewed: October 2016

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