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Kidney disease treatment

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Some types of kidney disease are curable. Some are not. But in all cases, there are ways to make you feel better and ease symptoms.

If you have an infection, you will need antibiotics.

If you have kidney stones, there are ways to help.

For many other conditions, you will be able to have treatments that ease the complications or the symptoms, such as:

If kidney disease is treated early enough, it is possible to slow down its progression.

If it goes on to kidney failure, then the options are:

  • kidney transplant, in which a diseased kidney is replaced by a healthy one from a donor
  • dialysis, which uses a machine (haemodialysis) or other parts of the body (abdominal dialysis) to remove waste and extra fluid from your blood
  • supportive care, which means providing all health care and support possible, but not attempting to cure the kidney failure. In this case the person with kidney failure will eventually die
Illustration showing how a haemodialysis works.
A haemodialysis uses a machine to remove waste and extra fluid from your blood.
Illustration showing how a peritoneal dialysis works.
A dialysis using the abdomen to remove waste and extra fluid from your body.

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Last reviewed: January 2019

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