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Drinking water

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Follow the links below to find information about drinking water.

Last reviewed: May 2018

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Drinking water in Western Australia

About 90 per cent of Western Australians receive drinking water from licensed and regulated public drinking water supply systems (known as scheme suppliers).

Read more on WA Health website

Arsenic in drinking water | WA Health

Health risks associated with arsenic in drinking water.

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Fluoridated drinking water

Fluoride is found naturally in all water sources, including fresh and sea water. It is also found naturally in a wide range of food items including tea, fish and rice. It is a normal part of the diet, capable of providing nutritional benefits.

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Drinking water -

The average person can survive for 40 days without food, but most people will die if they go for more than 72 hours without a drink.

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Emergency treatment of drinking water supplies

If disaster strikes, it is possible that the normal supply of water will be affected. When the safety of the water supply cannot be guaranteed, the Department of Health may issue advice to boil or treat it with chemicals prior to use.

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Water quality :: SA Health

Safe Drinking Water Act 2011 and Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2012 - for providers of safe drinking water and guide for use of recycled water

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Fluoride facts for Western Australia

In Western Australia 2 compounds containing fluoride are added to drinking water supplies

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Fluoride in drinking water | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Fluoride is the collective term for compounds containing the element fluorine

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Parenting and Child Health - Health Topics - Water - drinking water

Our bodies are made up of 50% to 60% water, and water that is lost through breathing, sweat, and urine needs to be replaced

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When can babies drink water?

You may wonder when it is safe to start giving your baby water. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, learn how and at what age to get started.

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