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Legal rights of people with younger onset dementia

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For some people, there is a stigma associated with dementia. Some people with dementia are discriminated against and find it hard to get insurance and even accommodation.

Some people with dementia find it hard to ask for help, or even tell their family, friends or employer, because they fear being left out or discriminated against. This is even more so for younger people with dementia.

If the person with dementia is employed, then it’s important to know that most employers have a legal responsibility to help them continue working. It may be illegal for an employer to fire someone because of an illness like dementia.

Fortunately, there are laws to protect people with dementia and their carers against discrimination. Find out more by calling the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 or the Carers Australia helpline on 1800 242 636.

A person with dementia who owns their own business or is a director of the company must still fulfil their legal obligations, such as keeping accurate accounting records and meeting tax obligations. Dementia may affect the person’s ability to fulfill these obligations.

You can read more about dementia and your legal rights in Dementia Australia's resource Dementia and your legal rights.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has information about employment, disability and the rights of people with dementia.

Last reviewed: March 2018

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