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Laryngitis occurs when your voice box (larynx) becomes inflamed and your vocal cords become swollen and can't vibrate properly. This causes you to sound hoarse or to lose your voice. Normally you will recover from laryngitis without treatment.

Laryngitis symptoms

If you have laryngitis, you may have a:

Hoarseness and loss of voice may worsen at first and last for up to a week after other symptoms are gone.

Laryngitis causes

Laryngitis is commonly caused by a viral infection, such as a cold or flu. Bacterial infection may also cause laryngitis, although this is rare. You can also get laryngitis if you strain or overuse your voice by yelling or after long periods of talking, shouting or singing.

Laryngitis is said to be chronic or long term when it lasts for more than three weeks. Chronic laryngitis is usually caused by:

Laryngitis diagnosis

Since laryngitis will usually get better on its own, you don’t need to see your doctor. However, if you have trouble breathing, your lymph nodes are swollen or your symptoms are lasting more than two weeks, see your doctor. 

Your doctor will probably ask you a few questions to find out the cause of your laryngitis. They may order some tests or refer you to a specialist if they suspect anything serious.

Laryngitis treatment

Short-term laryngitis doesn’t usually require treatment. As the cause is often viral, you won’t need antibiotics as antibiotics don't kill viruses.

You can help your voice recover by:

  • drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol
  • avoiding smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke
  • gargling with warm, salty water or sucking a lozenge
  • resting your voice by talking as little as possible and avoiding shouting
  • avoiding whispering, as this puts more strain on your voice than normal speech
  • inhale steam to help a blocked nose
  • avoid nasal decongestants (these make your throat drier).

If your symptoms haven't improved after two weeks, see your doctor.

Last reviewed: April 2017

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