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Gene therapy

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Gene therapy is an experimental therapy that aims to treat the source of disease. It may involve replacing faulty genes or introducing new genes to treat disease. Therapeutic gene therapy is still in its infancy and many of the ethical guidelines for its use are still being developed.

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Last reviewed: July 2016

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Some of us respond differently to the same medications that we take, or we may experience different side-effects from drugs

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When, why and how the HLAB5701 gene status test is done

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Genetic testing for cancer information | myVMC

Inherited genetic mutations increase the risk of certain cancers. Genetic testing is used to group cancers and develop new targeted cancer therapies.

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Kids' Health - Topics - Genes - not the kind you wear!

It can be fun to explore all the ways that you are like others in your family - for example the same hair colour, the same talent with football or netball, but it can also be really embarrassing sometimes when you haven't seen a friend of the family or a relative for a while, and they say things likeWhy would they say stuff like that? Well, because your genes, the instructions for making you, come from your mum and her family and your dad and his family

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Why, when and how the PDGFRA-FIL1L1 gene rearrangement test is done.

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Coeliac disease is an immune disease caused by gluten.

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When, why & how ALK Mutation testing is carried out

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Gaucher Disease - Brain Foundation

Gaucher Disease Read more at Virtual Medical Centre Description Gaucher disease is an inherited illness caused by a gene mutation

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Genetic conditions

A genetic condition occurs when you inherit an altered (changed) gene from your parents that increases your risk of developing that particular condition. However not all genetic conditions are passed down from your parents, some gene changes occur randomly before you are born.

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Rare Cancers Australia - Directory - Midline Tract Cancer with NUT Gene Changes (NUT Midline Carcinoma)

Rare Cancers Australia is a charity whose purpose is to improve the lives and health outcomes of Australians living with a rare or less common cancer.

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