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Fungal skin diseases

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Last reviewed: July 2016

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Athlete's foot -

Athlete's foot is a fungal skin infection that is also known as tinea pedis. It commonly causes skin itch, especially between the toes.

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Fungal problems -

There are 2 common types of fungal skin infections tinea and candida.

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Tinea | Better Health Channel

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Tinea - Farmer Health | Farmer Health

Tips for Tinea Tinea is a contagious fungal skin infection. Commonly affected areas include the feet (athletes foot), groin (jock itch), scalp and beneath the breasts. Tinea can be spread by skin-to-skin contact or indirectly. It is also known as...

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Foot care -

Common foot care problems include fungal foot infections, e.g. athlete's foot and fungal nail infections, and warts, corns and calluses. Find out what products are available for foot care.

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Fungal skin infections -

Areas commonly affected by fungal infections include the skin, scalp, feet, fingernails and toenails, mouth and vagina. Find out what products are available for fungal skin infections.

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Jock itch treatment and causes

Jock itch is probably a terrible term but it is the one thats used to describe a fungal rash that happens at the groin, pretty much where the leg meets the body.

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Foot fungus

Its called athletes foot but in actual fact its not particularly specific to athletes and in fact it isnt even specific to people who do exercise. However, sweating may be a predisposing factor to this sort of infection. Its not a harmful condition, I think thats an important point to make and even though it is infectious, in as much as its caused by a fungus, its generally not regarded as particularly contagious. You sort of almost have to go a little bit out of your way to catch athletes foot from another person.

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