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Why women need iodine – and how to get more of it (hint: ice cream)

More than 4 in 10 women could be deficient in iodine, a mineral needed in pregnancy for healthy brain development in babies, reports the University of Sydney.

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B12 deficiencies

Links to trusted information about B12 deficiencies.

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Vitamin K deficiency

Vitamin K deficiency can stop your blood from clotting properly and can weaken your bones. Read more here about Vitamin K diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is needed to keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy. Sunlight on bare skin is the main source. Learn the benefits of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels, the effects of vitamin D deficiency and when to get tested.

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Rickets is a bone disease, usually a result of low vitamin D levels, that causes soft and weak bones. It occurs in children and, occasionally, teenagers.

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Vitamin B

The B vitamins are a group of vitamins needed for good health. Learn about what the B vitamins do, what foods have them and vitamin B deficiencies.

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for your health and is gained from what you eat and drink each day. Learn about the sources of vitamin A and its recommended intake and vitamin A deficiency.

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Vitamin D test

Vitamin D deficiency is common in Australians, so your doctor may ask you to take a test as part of your general check up. Learn why you would need this test and how to understand your results.

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Scurvy can affect people who do not get enough vitamin C. You can prevent scurvy by eating a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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Folate test

Folate is an important nutrient for making normal red blood cells and for repairing nerve tissue in the body. The folate test checks whether you have enough folate in your blood.

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