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Influenza A (flu)

Influenza A is a highly contagious respiratory illness. It’s not usually dangerous if you are healthy, but can cause serious problems if you’re not. Find out more about what influenza A is, what the symptoms are and how to treat it.

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Colds and flu prevention

Good hygiene is one of the most important ways to help prevent colds and flu (influenza). Find out how to prevent colds and flu.

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Colds and flu statistics

Trusted facts and figures about colds and flu (influenza), including statistics on different types of flu, risk levels, outbreaks and pandemics.

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When to get the flu shot in Australia in 2019

Confirmed cases of influenza in Australia have been unusually high recently, so it's a good time to consider getting the flu vaccine - which offers 3 to 4 months' protection.

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Colds and flu – an overview

Colds and flu (influenza) are different illnesses caused by different viruses. Learn about difference between colds and flu and read our advice on how to best prevent.

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Flu trends in Australia

Information about current influenza trends in Australia, including data for health professionals, plus tips and advice to help you prevent the flu.

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What causes colds and flu?

Colds and flu (influenza) are very contagious viral infections and you can catch a cold or flu at any time of the year, not just in winter. Learn about causes cold and flu symptoms.

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Colds and flu treatments

If you have a cold or flu (influenza) there are a number of ways you can treat your symptoms, although most people will usually get better within 7-10 days without any treatment.

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Flu vaccine FAQs

Got a question about the flu vaccine? Learn more about when to get vaccinated and who should get it.

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Colds and flu types

More than 200 types of viruses can cause a cold, as well as various types of flu viruses. Find out about the different types of colds and flu.

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