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Period problems

Period problems
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Period problems

Newborn getting breastfed

Breastfeeding and periods

There are many factors that determine when your period will return when you are breastfeeding. Learn more about breastfeeding and periods here.

Woman by the pool.

Heavy periods

It could be a sign your periods are heavy if you are using more tampons or sanitary towels than usual, or blood is leaking through to your clothes and...

Girl writing in her diary.

Irregular periods

The length of your cycle may change from month to month. Any alteration in what you consider to be your normal cycle can be a cause for concern. Find ...

Girl with painful periods.

Painful periods

Painful periods is most common in young women, and the pain often tends to ease as you get older. Learn more about the symptoms and treatments.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome refers to symptoms that occur around the time of your period. There are several treatments available to help women manage their ...

Retained object or tampon

Sometimes a tampon or other object can become stuck in the vagina. If this happens to you, it is important to know what to do.


Toxic shock syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) occurs when a bacteria releases poisonous toxins into the body’s bloodstream. Although it is rare you should still take pr...

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Menstruation (Period or Menstrual Cycle) | myVMC

Medical anatomy of menstruation cycle and menstrual periods including hormonal and ovarian changes and reproductive and fertility information.

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Periods | Jean Hailes

The menstrual cycle is controlled by female hormones that generally cause a regular bleed, often called a period. In these pages you will learn all about the menstrual cycle, periods, heavy bleeding, regular and irregular bleeding, period pain, premenst

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About the menstrual cycle | Jean Hailes

Learn all about the menstrual cycle, what happens, how long a menstrual cycle usually is and when you should seek help.

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Menstrual cycle: normal -

The menstrual cycle is generally thought of in phases: the menses, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal (secretory) phase.

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Menstrual Cycle and Sleep

Sleep is important to health and well-being. Sleep health is vital to good health. Important things about the menstral cycle and sleep. A lack of sleep affects mood, concentration, memory, weight, driving skills, and quality of life. Medical sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea (apnea), insomnia, snoring, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Poor sleep is a major cause of lost productivity and accidents in the workplace, road and at home. Sleep is one of the pillars of good health.

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Menstruation (period) due date calculator | myVMC

The menstruation calculator is a tool for determining when your next period is due, based on your last menstruation start date and a 28 day menstrual cycle.

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Calendar Based Methods of Contraception | myVMC

Calendar based contraceptive methods prevent pregnancy by determining the fertile periods during the menstrual cycle and avoiding sexual intercourse or using alternative contraceptive methods on those days.

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Basal Body Temperature Monitoring Contraceptive Method | myVMC

Basal body temperature monitoring is a contraceptive method which relies on the woman monitoring her basal body temperature on a daily basis to determine the periods of her menstrual cycle when she is and is not fertile.

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Ovulation calculator (for identifying fertile days) tool | myVMC

This ovulation calculator determines the days of your menstrual cycle on which you are fertile and can conceive a baby, or should use conraception.

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Kids' Health - Topics - Periods - having a period

The word menstruation (say men-strew-ay-shun) comes from a Latin word 'mensis' which means month. Periods usually come about once a month.

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