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Flu trend report for health professionals

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Staff at Healthdirect Australia collect influenza (flu) data based on calls to the healthdirect helpline (1800 022 222). This information is used to publish our flu trend graph.

The information on this page provides more detailed flu data for use by public health and health care professionals.

Influenza Syndromic Surveillance report

This report provides further information on flu-related calls to the healthdirect helpline from January 2012 to the present. The report is updated at least weekly between April and October, and less frequently during the warmer months.

The report features:

  • the number of flu-related calls as a proportion of all calls to the healthdirect helpline
  • the severity of flu-related calls as a percentage of all flu calls to the healthdirect helpline
  • comparisons of trends between selected years
  • the break-down of callers by age and sex
  • data at state or territory level, plus nationwide data

Note: We do not receive data for calls in Victoria and Queensland. Flu trends data is more reliable in states with larger populations. In some states and territories, call volumes may be low.

Accessing the healthdirect Influenza Syndromic Surveillance report

The report is published in Tableau-packaged workbook format (file extension .twbx).

Tableau Software is a third-party vendor that publishes Tableau Reader for free. You can download Tableau Reader here to view this report.

Download the report
healthdirect Influenza Syndromic Surveillance report (updated 28 May 2020)

Australian Influenza Surveillance Reporting

The Australian Government Department of Health monitors influenza activity and severity in the community through the National Influenza Surveillance Committee (NISC). Healthdirect Australia is a member of NISC and provides the data we collect on influenza-like illness (ILI) regularly. The Department of Health publishes the annual Australian Influenza Surveillance Report and provides links to State and Territory specific reports.

• Healthdirect Australia provides this information as is and without warranty.
• Healthdirect Australia is not associated with Tableau Software and does not endorse or warrant any of their products or services.
• Should you wish to republish or reuse this information for any purpose, contact Healthdirect Australia to obtain permission.

Learn more here about the development and quality assurance of healthdirect content.

Last reviewed: May 2020

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