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Chlamydia – a personal story (video transcript)

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Being diagnosed with chlamydia can be both emotionally and practically challenging. Listening to others who have experienced similar situations is often re-assuring and can be helpful for you, your loved ones or when preparing questions for your doctor or a specialist.


Chloe’s chlamydia test was prompted by a phone call from her ex-boyfriend telling her that he was being treated for chlamydia and that she and her new boyfriend should go to get tested. However, Chloe had the chlamydia test and requested treatment before she got the test result. She and her boyfriend used a chlamydia testing kit to have a second test, which came back negative for both of them.

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Please note…

This interview has been sourced from, award-winning research into patient experiences in conjunction with the Health Experience Research Group at Oxford University, UK.

healthdirect doesn’t endorse any personal opinions expressed in the video, and we recommend you discuss any questions you have regarding unfamiliar terms or descriptions, as well as how this experience compares to the Australian health care system, with a health professional.

Video transcript

Chloe used a Chlamydia testing kit provided by her GP surgery but, because her ex-boyfriend was diagnosed with Chlamydia, she was able to have the treatment before she got her test’s result.

There is, in my GP, in my doctors there is free Chlamydia testing kits and so I took one of them, I took loads of them actually cos I was going to give them to my young people and I did the tests and sent it off, in the post, so you wee into the tube and fill out your information and send it off and they give you a reply by text but it’s a very discreet text.

Where did you send it to?

I think it’s the NHS but I’m not too sure what department it is, it’s Laboratory something, it says on it. But I didn’t actually wait for my results and told my Clinic in a Box lady that, a previous partner of mine has been tested positive for Chlamydia, I think there’s a good chance I might have it and I would like to take the treatment as soon as possible and that’s part of, that’s one of the tick boxes, so to speak, to get treatment if a partner that you’ve been with has it, then you’re likely to have it so they’ll give you treatment even if you haven’t yet tested positive because it’s highly likely that you are.

So and in term of treatment what did it consist of?

The treatment is four, four tablets, I can’t remember what it’s called, I can’t remember what it’s called, there’s two different treatments for it that I know. There’s two different tablets that you can take and there’s four tablets, you take them all at once and you can’t be sexually active for seven days and then it’s cleared.

Chloe and her boyfriend both had the single dosage treatment but then they sent another urine sample each for re-testing. They wanted to make sure that they were clear of the infection. Chloe says the text message is discreet and health professionals thorough.

So when you got the diagnosis, you said that you got a text message?

Yeah you get a text message.

And does the text message has a telephone number that you need to ring or?

Yeah. When they send you a text message after you’ve sent off your specimen, they send you a text message saying, “Can you please give us a call on so and so number about,” - I can’t remember exactly what it said, “about your results,” or something like that. Didn’t say what results or anything, it just said, “Give this number a call.” And…

But you knew?

But I knew yeah.

OK and how did you phone them or?

…I didn’t phone them because I had already taken the treatment by the time I got the text for my result.

OK. So you didn’t…

I didn’t phone them but they kept phoning me. They phoned me cos obviously I worked so, at the time I couldn’t answer their calls but they were persistent in trying to tell me and then I did get through to them and I told them that I’d actually taken the treatment and stuff and they wanted to know where and if my previous partner had got treatment and where have I directed my new partner to go for treatment and are you sure, they was quite, they wanted to make sure everything was right.

It might be two tablets, I’m not sure, but it was more than one tablet, all at once and that was all you needed to do and, yeah.

Where you re-tested afterwards when you’d finished your medication?

No. I wasn’t really tested afterwards but I had loads of them Chlamydia tests that I had picked up so I retested myself afterwards and I was fine.

How did you do that?

I sent off another thingy


And my boyfriend did the same and he was fine.

OK so both on your own initiative?

Yeah cos I’ve loads of them that I’d picked up from the doctors surgery [laughs] so just did them.

Chloe was contacted by her ex-boyfriend and told she needed to go for a Chlamydia test because his test has come back positive. When together, they decided to test for Chlamydia and were both fine. So, it was clear to Chloe that he had cheated on her.

Can you tell me what, were the reason that prompted you to have the test?

I was with a long term partner and we split up and I didn’t have any tests in between my ex-partner and my new partner so I was with my new partner and sexually active with him and my ex-partner rung me to say that he went for a check-up and he had Chlamydia and he doesn’t know how long he’s had it for cos we hadn’t got tested before (during the relationship)and so I should get myself checked out. And so I did and I tested positive for it so that means also I passed it to my new partner and he had to get treatment for it as well.

And how did you feel when you, when your ex-boyfriend called you and…?

I felt a bit sick when my ex-boyfriend told me about it. I felt really cringey, like I was dirty or something. I felt obviously upset because it, he said to, like it was because he had cheated on me, so and, not just once, so he wasn’t too sure who he’d caught it from. Because when we first got together we had both done the test and was fine, so I know that it was because he had cheated during our relationship that he had contracted it to me.

OK and who prompted that first test?

We both did. We both… yeah we both did. It was kind of, cos like I said, cos around them, these times and them times, it was very much a boost in being sexually aware and stuff like that so we both did.

Chloe talks about the troubles her current relationship experienced after her ex-boyfriend told her about his Chlamydia diagnosis.

My new boyfriend was quite upset. He got, had like different moods about it and be very annoyed and other points and cos obviously it wasn’t really my fault because I was in a long term relationship, I trusted him and he had given me it although whether I should have question, whether I should have trusted him is another matter because I was maybe a bit naïve but yeah so, he was kind of angry and then he obviously felt it for me because I had trusted this partner and he had cheated on me. But yeah he was quite upset, a bit disgusted, a bit angry, went from… changed every now and again, yeah.

OK, so you didn’t do the Chlamydia testing with the new partner?


No I didn’t, so I should have done and I would think that like people should get tests done even if they think they can trust their partner because I thought I could trust my boyfriend of four years and obviously I couldn’t even though at the time, I would like argue anyone that, “Of course my boyfriend’s faithful to me, we love each other, we’re going to be together forever,” kind of thing but little did I know that he was cheating on me, so…

I think that he felt, I don’t think he felt good about it because obviously I assume, I think he said the GP asks the same kind of questions about how you contracted it and stuff, so he had to tell them, “Oh well, my girlfriend gave it to me and bla, bla,” so he didn’t feel too good about that and I think he felt quite embarrassed. He didn’t tell any of his friends.

He didn’t?

No and… yeah he didn’t feel good about it at all.

And did you talk about it with your friends or did you feel embarrassed?

I did talk about it with my friends because for me it was kind of like, “Can you believe what he did, like, he actually gave me Chlamydia, he was cheating on me,” kind of yeah it was different with girls I think though because it was my ex-boyfriends fault as well and he, I did speak to my friends about it, so, yeah.

Did it affect your relationship with your new boy-friend?

It affected it for a while, yeah, cos he, depending on his moods, he would say, “I can’t believe like you gave me Chlamydia.” It’s quite degrading as well, like to think, “Oh no, I gave someone Chlamydia.” kind of thing but so it affect it for a while but obviously because of the circumstances and it, we got back together and I kind of trust my new boyfriend more than my old boyfriend although I shouldn’t have trusted him, so…

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