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Breastfeeding and work

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Last reviewed: July 2016

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Parenting and Child Health - Health Topics - Breastfeeding - balancing breastfeeding and work

Many women return to work while breastfeeding. There are many benefits for the baby, mother and employers. While the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers are covered in other topics, the benefits for employers are less well known.

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Can you return to work and still breastfeed? | Australian Breastfeeding Association

Many mothers successfully combine work and breastfeeding. Our work environment continues to change, and as many more women return to the work force, many workplaces now have greater awareness of the importance of individual family responsibilities, and include this in workplace policies.

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When breastfeeding doesn't work out | Australian Breastfeeding Association

The latest research shows that9 out of 10 women start out by breastfeeding their babies. Most women want to breastfeed. Unfortunately, despite our wishes, hopes and efforts, sometimes breastfeeding doesnt work out.

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Returning to Work & Breastfeeding | Australian Breastfeeding Association

Many mothers successfully combine a return to work or study with continued breastfeeding. Like most things, a little planning goes a long way.

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Returning to work - COPE

Returning to work after having a baby may be straight forward for some, but for others can be challenging. As you come towards the time you planned to return to work, you may experience a range of different emotions.

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Pregnancy - Pregnancy Topics - Formula feeding (bottle feeding)

Some women will have breastfeeding difficulties that are hard to overcome and they may need to, or choose to, feed their baby formula. Sometimes formula feeding provides an alternative to breastfeeding that works well for a mother and her family.

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Working while pregnant: tips | Raising Children Network

Working while pregnant can be challenging. Get practical tips for managing pregnancy symptoms, working through pregnancy and planning your return to work.

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Working Mothers | Australian Breastfeeding Association

You can do it!There are many elements for families to consider when a mother returns to work after maternity leave. It is common for women to be concerned about how they will manage to continue breastfeeding their baby and fulfil work commitments.Establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship at birth is the first step in preparing to return to work. An ABA Breastfeeding Education Class while pregnant will help you to:

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Breastfeeding and the workplace | myVMC

Combining work and breastfeeding can create considerable pressures for working women with newborn babies. As a result, working mothers are less likely to breastfeed their babies than non-working mothers.

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Returning to work

When a parent decides to return to work after having a baby, it can mean a big adjustment. Get some practical tips around child care and flexible working that can help inform your decision.

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