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Blood coagulation disorders

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Last reviewed: April 2020

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Coagulation factors - Lab Tests Online AU

Description of factors involved in coagulation of the blood, factors measured in the investigation of clotting disorders

Read more on Lab Tests Online AU website

Haemophilia - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Introductory information about haemophilia, including who has it, types, severity and symptoms, diagnosis, inheritance and treatment.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

Blood Clotting and Monitoring | myVMC

Normally, clotting only occurs when there is blood loss from a damaged blood vessel. However, there are several conditions that can cause blood clots to form in the absence of active bleeding.

Read more on myVMC – Virtual Medical Centre website

Haemophilia and carrying the gene - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information on carrying the altered gene causing haemophilia for women. This answers questions such as can females have haemophilia; what the symptoms are; how to manage bleeding problems; pregnancy and childbirth; and tips from other women who carry the gene.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

Newly diagnosed - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

A guide for parents of a newly diagnosed child with haemophilia. It includes information about haemophilia, inheritance, bleeding in haemophilia, bruises, and treatment. It also covers growth and development, parenting a child with haemophilia, siblings and exercise and sport. Information on support, including haemophilia foundations and camps, and contact details of services are also given.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot in one of the deep veins of your body, usually in your leg.

Read more on WA Health website

Newly diagnosed - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

An introduction to haemophilia with information for parents whose child has recently been diagnosed.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

Gene therapy - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Information about gene therapy in haemophilia, including types of gene therapy, haemophilia and genes, how gene therapy works, what happens when you have gene therapy and are on a clinical trial and frequently asked questions.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

Haemophilia: what is it? -

Bleeding disorders such as Haemophilia and von Willebrand disease are rare health conditions where a person’s blood doesn’t clot properly. This article explains what causes bleeding disorders, how they are inherited, common symptoms, treatment, how many people in Australia have them and where to find more information.

Read more on myDr website

Sport - Haemophilia Foundation Australia

An education resource for parents, teachers and coaches on sport and exercise in young people with haemophilia. Includes information on rehabilitation after a bleed and participation in school activities.

Read more on Haemophilia Foundation Australia website

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