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Supportive psychotherapy

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Supportive psychotherapy is a talking-based therapy designed to allow a person with mental health issues to voice their concerns, and receive encouragement and help in finding practical solutions.

How does supportive psychotherapy work?

Supportive psychotherapy aims to reduce anxiety as well as help people with mental health issues to discover their own resilience. It also attempts to increase a person’s ability to adapt to situations that previously might have caused them stress.

The term can refer to a range of treatments, from traditional sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist to support workers, who provide practical support for everyday situations.

When is supportive psychotherapy used?

Supportive psychotherapy is used to help people dealing with serious addiction, eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa, stress and other mental health issues.

Because this method works to build a person’s adaptability and resilience, supportive psychotherapy aims to help a person build better coping strategies for the future.

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Last reviewed: February 2018

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