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Trusted information about antibiotics, including how they work and what infections they do and don't treat.

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Antibiotic resistance

Trusted information about antibiotic resistance, including what it is, an explanation of 'superbugs' and how antibiotic resistance can be reduced.

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Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the overuse of antibiotics and encourages Australians to join the fight against antibiotic resistance.

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Allergic reactions to antibiotics

Some people have an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Learn about the symptoms and the difference between allergic reactions and side effects.

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Differences between bacterial and viral infection

Bacterial and viral infections must be treated differently. Misusing antibiotics to treat viral infections leads to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

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Chlamydia treatment and prevention

Trusted information on chlamydia treatment including antibiotics, and links to trusted resources

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Pneumonia treatments

The main treatment for pneumonia is antibiotics. In milder cases, they can be taken orally. In more severe cases, they’ll need to be taken by injection.

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Children's medicines

Trusted information on medicine for children including common painkillers, antibiotics, dosages to give, and what to do when there is a bad reaction.

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Gastritis treatment

Treatment of gastritis can include antibiotics and antacids, and can include changes to diet and lifestyle. More information is available from our trusted partner sources.

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Doxycycline is an antibiotic medicine. This page explains what doxycycline is used for, how it works, its risks and other treatment options available in its place.

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Syphilis treatment

Syphilis is treated with antibiotics. The length of treatment will vary depending on the stage of syphilis you may have. Learn more about syphilis treatment.

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