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Follow the links below to find trusted information about milk.

Last reviewed: July 2016

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Breast milk expressing -

There are a number of reasons why a breast feeding mother might wish to express milk rather than feeding the baby directly from the breast.

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Lactose intolerance in babies

Lactose intolerance is a condition when your body cant break down a carbohydrate (sugar) called lactose which is present in cows milk, human breast milk, or any other milk from a mammal.

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Parenting and Child Health - Health Topics - Aboriginal - healthy drinks for children aged 1-4 years

Milk is a child's most important food in the first year of life and is still very important in the next few years. Children under 12 months of age should have breast milk orformulafor their main drinks.

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Baby feeding -

Breastfeeding is best for baby feeding. Breast milk is easily digested, economical, safe and the right temperature. Find out what products are available for baby feeding.

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Let-down reflex

The let-down reflex is a natural part of breastfeeding and is what makes breastmilk flow. Establishing and maintaining your let-down will help ensure a good milk supply for your baby.

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Breast feeding your baby -

Find out all about breast feeding and its benefits.

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Expressing and storing breast milk

Information on expressing breast milk, doing it by hand, storing breast milk, defrosting and warming, plus links to trusted resources.

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Blocked milk ducts

Blocked milk ducts is a medical condition that can be experienced by breastfeeding mothers.

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Increasing your breast milk supply

Breastfeeding mothers often worry about whether their babies are getting enough breast milk. Find out what causes low breast milk supply, what is normal and how to boost breast milk production.

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A2 milk: sorting the facts Dietitians Association of Australia

A2 milk: sorting the facts A2 milk has been available on the Australian market since March 2003

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