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Glycaemic index (GI)

The glycaemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrates based on their immediate effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Carbohydrates that breakdown quickly during digestion have the highest glycaemic indexes. The blood glucose response is fast and high.

Carbohydrates that break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream,  have low glycaemic indexes. Follow the links below to find trusted information about the glycaemic index of foods.

Last reviewed: May 2014

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Glycaemic Index (GI) | myVMC

The glycaemic index (GI) is obtained by measuring the effect that a carbohydrate containing food has on blood sugar levels, compared to the effect of the same amount of pure sugar, on blood sugar levels.

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Glycaemic index (GI index) information video | myVMC

The glycaemic index is a measure of sugar or the glycaemic load of food. It is used to categorise low GI foods and high GI foods, and to plan low GI diets.

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Making sense of the glycaemic index Dietitians Association of Australia

Making sense of the glycaemic index The Glycaemic Index (GI) is a ranking between zero and 100 given to foods describing how quickly the carbohydratein a foodis digested and absorbed into the blood

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Top Tips to Go Low GI - Glycemic Index Foundation

Top Tips to Go Low GI Going low GI is easy! Its all about healthy choices. Step 1: Swap high GI foods for low GI foods. Not sure which foods are high or low? Use our Swap It search and look out for the GI Symbol on foods in your supermarket.Going low GI is easy! Its all about healthy choices and simple swaps from high GI carbohydrates to low GI alternatives.

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Glycaemic Index

Glycemic Index The glycemic index or GI ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels

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Bread in the diet -

Breads can include various grains and seeds, and there are many things to look out for when choosing bread, such as the flour, GI, salt and additives. Find out how to make a healthy choice.

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Sustained Energy - Glycemic Index Foundation

Sustained Energy Did you know that your blood glucose levelsplay an important role in how energised you feel? High GI food...The sustaining power of a healthy low GI diet allows you to feel energised for longer & have more stable/sustained energy levels, rather than peaks & troughs of energy throughout the day

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Healthy Weight - Glycemic Index Foundation

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to your overall health and wellbeing, and it can also help prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. By eating a healthy low GI diet you’ll be able to drop unwanted kilosi and maintain a stable weight.

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Pregnancy - Glycemic Index Foundation

Pregnancy While we all benefit from eating well, during pregnancy this becomes even more important. Your diet during pregnancy can affect your childs future health, long after they have been borni

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Measures of Nutrition and Weight | myVMC

There are many ways that the nutritional value of food can be measured, including by glycaemic index and glycaemic load. The effect of food on the body can also be measured by such tools as the body mass index and blood cholesterol testing.

Read more on myVMC – Virtual Medical Centre website

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