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Anger and aggression

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Anger, like stress, can be a useful emotion. Anger can motivate you to stand up for yourself or what you believe in and protect your values. However, anger can often lead to aggression and situations that are later a cause for regret. Anger in communication with others can result in other people avoiding you or matching your angry tone.

Can anger be controlled?

It’s difficult to always avoid situations that make you to angry, however you can learn how to control your angry reactions:

  • avoid consuming alcohol or drugs
  • become aware of the trigger points that might make you feel angry
  • practise relaxation techniques
  • active listening and empathy; try to understand how your anger feels/sounds to people around you

It’s useful to gain insights into angry impulsive behaviours if it’s impacting your relationship with your family, friends or colleagues. Consider how people you admire or get along with express anger.

Find out more about anger management.

Last reviewed: June 2018

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