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Why do people bully?

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There are different reasons why people bully, including:

  • wanting to dominate others and improve their social status
  • having low self-esteem
  • having a lack of remorse or failing to recognise their behaviour as a problem
  • feeling angry or frustrated
  • struggling socially
  • being the victim of bullying themselves.

Some people who bully are tough and strong. Other bullies might be popular but thoughtless, rather than deliberately hurtful.

Some children who bully may enjoy getting their own way. Others may like conflict and aggression. Some may have difficulties with health, schoolwork and self-esteem. And some may be emotionally neglected, bullied, abused or be experiencing violence themselves.

Children can take on different roles in different circumstances. Those who are bullied in one situation may be the bully in another.

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Last reviewed: October 2014

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By being aware of the signs of bullying and knowing the best ways to tackle the problem, you can help your child deal with bullying before it gets out of hand.

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