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Raising Children Network

Raising Children Network provides tips and tools for everyday parenting from pregnancy to teens.

Raising Children Network website’s trusted and up-to-date videos, apps and articles help parents navigate the day-to-day decisions of raising children and looking after their own needs.

More than 30 000 parents visit every day to explore reliable information about children’s health, sleep, behaviour, eating, physical activity, family relationships, raising teenagers and much more.

Health and education professionals who work with families also recommend the website and distribute its information to parents.

Raising Children Network is free of advertising and commercial interests.

Some parents who use have commented:

  • “I use it whenever I have a parenting issue. I think it’s the best parenting website I have found.”
  • “Having somewhere safe to look for advice makes me feel strong as a parent.”
  • “Raising Children Network often reinforces what I am already doing which gives me confidence.”

The website is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Its member organisations are the Parenting Research Centre and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute with The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health.

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

A guide to understanding and reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Includes information on safe sleeping and passive smoking.

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Pregnancy changes video: first trimester | Raising Children Network

This video is about the physical and emotional changes you can expect in the first trimester of pregnancy. Mums and dads describe their experiences.

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36 Weeks Pregnant | Raising Children Network

Pregnant? Find out what's happening with you and your baby, and what appointments and tests to expect in each week of pregnancy.

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Choosing early intervention for disability | Raising Children Network

Early intervention for children with disability is an investment. Heres how to make sure that the time and money you spend on interventions are worth it.

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Insect bites & stings: treatment | Raising Children Network

You can treat many insect bites and insect stings yourself. But if your child has an unusual reaction to an insect bite or sting, seek medical attention.

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Breastfeeding: mums returning to work | Raising Children Network

Its good for mums returning to work to keep breastfeeding if they want to. Heres how to make it happen by planning ahead and talking with your employer.

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Concussion in children & teenagers | Raising Children Network

A concussion is a mild head injury. If your child has concussion, hell need a short rest. He can start returning to normal activities 24-48 hours later.

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Making friends: toddlers | Raising Children Network

Watching toddlers making friends can be a delight, but its not always easy for them. Read tips on helping toddler friendships and playdates go well.

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Pre-teens school & education | Raising Children Network

Looking to learn about school and education for pre-teens? Our articles and videos have info and advice on choosing schools, bullying, homework and more.

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Mens feelings in the second trimester | Raising Children Network

Its pretty common for men to feel pregnancy is happening at a distance. Even in the second trimester, it might not feel real. Read more in our Dads Guide.

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