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Head to Health

The Australian Government, through the Department of Health, has developed a new digital mental health gateway, Head to Health.

When you visit Head to Health you can search and access a range of telephone based and online mental health services, which are either free of charge or low cost. These services range from information, telephone and web counselling services, through to web-based treatment programs and peer support forums.

Head to Health has a range of resources from trusted Australian based providers and is there to help you (or someone you care about) feel more in control of your mental health at a time and place convenient to you. On the site you can choose the information, advice and services you are most comfortable with. You can also narrow the search to filter results more appropriate to your preferences, such as your age and population group (e.g. Veterans, Carers or LGBTIQ etc).

If you're not sure where to start, you can use Sam the Chatbot. Sam will ask you a few questions about your situation before providing tailored recommendations on information and services to suit your needs.

And of course, staying mentally healthy is important too. Head to Health has tips and ideas on maintaining your mental health and general wellbeing including topics on eating, sleep and staying connected with others.

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Feeling safe, stable and secure | Head to Health

Many factors can influence your sense of security – whether financial, physical, or in the workplace. Feeling safe and secure is central to your health and wellbeing.

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Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples | Head to Health

If you want to support an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who is struggling with their wellbeing, there are things you can be mindful of to make your support more meaningful.

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Trauma and stressor-related disorders | Head to Health

If many months or years have passed since a traumatic event and you still feel overwhelmed and/or have difficulty coping, it could be a sign of a trauma- or stressor-related disorder.

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Purposeful activity - hobbies | Head to Health

Having a hobby is a great way to spend your spare time and unwind from your daily routine. It can also be an effective way to manage stress.

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Supporting yourself - young people | Head to Health

A lot of things happen in your life between the ages of 12 and 18, and it's natural to have ups and downs. Now is an important time to learn more about looking after your physical and mental health.

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Supporting children | Head to Health

It is natural for children to experience a range of emotions as they grow up. However, when the ups and downs become persistent or result in concerning behaviours, it is important to seek help.

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Supporting yourself - veterans | Head to Health

As a veteran, transitioning to civilian life can come with many challenges, like finding work, connecting with family and friends, and coping with past experiences. If you are struggling with your mental health, there is specific support available.

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Neighbourhood | Head to Health

It is not just our home environment that influences us; the neighbourhood in which we live does too. Being part of a supportive neighbourhood community has many benefits.

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Bipolar and related disorders | Head to Health

There are different types of bipolar disorder, and they can often be hard to identify. Bipolar and related disorders can start at any age and can seriously affect how you live your life.

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Purposeful activity - volunteering | Head to Health

Volunteering can be a great way to add purpose to your life. A few hours of volunteer work can improve your mood, while regular volunteering is linked to better overall mental health.

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