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Autism Awareness Australia

Founded in 2007, Autism Awareness Australia is a not-for-profit autism education and awareness organisation.

Impacting a person’s ability to communicate and to develop social relationships, autism affects one in every 100, making it the most common developmental disorder in Australia today. Yet despite the prolificness of the condition, it remains both misunderstood, under-resourced, and severely underfunded.

As the country’s leading voice for the community, Autism Awareness Australia aims to improve the lives of all Australians on the autism spectrum and the families who care for them. Knowing that families are the best advocates for their children, Autism Awareness Australia empowers them with quality information and support, including targeted educational programs. They also campaign for earlier diagnosis and access to effective early interventions. All of this alongside their ongoing push to de-mystify and bring awareness to the abilities and challenges faced by the autism spectrum community.

Autism Awareness’s campaigns and events have reached millions of Australians. They have delivered the majority of the programs free of charge across the country, including in rural and regional communities.

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Puberty - Autism Awareness Australia

Children on the autism spectrum often need more time than their peers to deal with major changes, including the changes that will come during puberty.

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Teenagers - Autism Awareness Australia

Teen years can be a challenging time for all teenagers, particularly for those on the spectrum. Here are some valuable resources to help support your teen.

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School years for a child with autism - Autism Awareness Australia

Where will my child go to school? This is an overwhelming question every parent faces. Here is some tips on choosing a school for a child on the spectrum.

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Understanding autism - Autism Awareness Australia

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects how people communicate and interact with others. The term "spectrum" is used to emphasise that autism presents differently in every single person.

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Causes of autism - Autism Awareness Australia

Causes of autism Home > Could it be autism? > Causes of autism When a loved one is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, it is natural to ask why

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Early years - Autism Awareness Australia

The early years are a crucial time in any child's life. Here's a closer look at common concerns and opportunities for families of children on the spectrum.

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Siblings - Autism Awareness Australia

When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can be easy for parents to forget that the child's siblings could be hurting or confused too.

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Early Intervention: The Options - Autism Awareness Australia

If your child is diagnosed with autism when they are very young then your family has a golden chance to implement an early intervention program.

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Girls and Autism - Autism Awareness Australia

Girls with autism can and often do present quite differently to boys, which can make getting a proper diagnosis frustrating. Here are some signs that are quite common in girls with autism.

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Therapy programs - Autism Awareness Australia

Here are various therapy programs that can be used not only in the early years, but at any stage throughout a person's lifetime.

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