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Autism Awareness Australia

Founded in 2007, Autism Awareness Australia is a not-for-profit autism education and awareness organisation.

Their goal is simple: to improve the lives of all Australians on the autism spectrum and the families who love them.

Vision and mission

Autism Awareness Australia is all about empowering autism families.

How Autism Awareness Australia can help

They ensure autistic individuals, and their parents/carers have access to the best possible free information, resources and tools to empower them to support themselves or their loved ones on the spectrum.

They also provide targeted educational programs to families, professionals and the broader community. All of this alongside their ongoing push to de-mystify and bring awareness to the abilities and challenges faced by the autism spectrum community.

Programs and apps and tools

  • Autism: What Next?: a free digital toolkit to help you navigate the first year following an autism diagnosis

Autism Awareness’s campaigns and events have reached millions of Australians. They have delivered the majority of the programs free of charge across the country, including in rural and regional communities.

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Last reviewed: November 2021

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What is early start denver model? | Autism: What next?

Early start denver model (ESDM) is a naturalistic developmental behavioural intervention designed specifically for very young children between 12 and 48 months of age showing early signs of autism, or children with an autism diagnosis.

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

What is the key worker approach? | Autism: What next?

A key worker is an early childhood intervention professional who is the main person working alongside the family/carer to support a child’s progress towards their early intervention goals. The key worker model includes a whole team of early childhood therapists and professionals who through the key worker, provide intervention in a range of learning areas. The key worker practices from a strengths-based, family-centred perspective.

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What is occupational therapy? | Autism: What next?

Another common early intervention suggestion is for children to visit an occupational therapist. For many parents, they are not sure why. Occupational Therapy Australia helps us understand how it all works.

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

What is speech pathology? | Autism: What next?

One of the early recommendations many families receive is to begin speech pathology sessions for their children. Our friends at Speech Pathology Australia explain exactly what they do and how speech therapy can help children with autism.

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Medication & diets | Autism: What next?

There is a lot of pseudoscience and incorrect information on the internet about diets and medications for autism. Read through this evidenced-based guide to ensure you understand the facts.

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

What is psychiatry? | Autism: What next?

The child and adolescent psychiatrist brings a medical, psychopharmacological, child/family development and systems perspective to assessment, case formulation, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with ASD.

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Autism in older children and teens | Autism: What next?

Having a child diagnosed as a teenager brings a different set of challenges. While there are ample resources to assist families with young children on the autism spectrum, there are fewer addressing issues faced by older children and teens.

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

What is early intervention? | Autism: What next?

Early intervention is a term that means starting therapeutic interventions as soon as possible. For autism, early intervention means specialised support for young children.

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Things to read, watch & listen | Autism: What next?

There is a LOT to read, watch and listen to about autism. Here you will find a list of material to get you started. All these resources are of good quality and you can trust the information they give you.

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

Autism in children | Autism: What next?

Read more on Autism Awareness Australia website

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