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Eye injuries

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Last reviewed: July 2016

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First aid for eye injuries

Information on managing and treating eye injuries including burns, wounds, objects and smoke.

Read more on WA Health website

Eye injury foreign object in the eye

A small speck of wood, metal or sand lodged in the clear surface of the eye is called a corneal foreign body.

Read more on WA Health website

Fireworks injury - NT.GOV.AU

Burn injury, eye injury and fireworks safety, including sparklers and dud fireworks.

Read more on NT Health website

Eye injury something in your eye - Farmer Health | Farmer Health

Eye injuries can occur when flying particles lodge in your eye. Some common examples include wood chips, metal filings, dust, insects and grain. This can occur while working in the workshop and during field activities, stock mustering or even playing...

Read more on The National Centre for Farmer Health website

Eye injury flash burns - Farmer Health | Farmer Health

Flash burns (welders flash) are common painful complaints following welding on farms. Flash burns occur when the cornea (the clear tissue that covers your eyes) has been exposed to ultraviolet light like the welding torch. Symptoms develop five to 10...

Read more on The National Centre for Farmer Health website

Eye injury corneal flash burns

Corneal flash burns occur when a very strong light burns the surface of the eye (the cornea).

Read more on WA Health website

Laser pointers | Kids Health

Read more on Sydney Children's Hospitals Network website

Thyroid eye disease -

Thyroid eye disease occurs in people with thyroid disease and is characterised by inflammation, swelling and eventual scarring.

Read more on myDr website

Learn more about eye care

Regular eye check-ups are recommended for people without eye diseases or specific risk factors

Read more on Vision Australia website

Eye Health | Common Eye Conditions | Glossary of Eye Conditions

A glossary of eye conditions including information on cataract, diabetic retinopathy, as well as definitions of myopia, hyperopia, and glaucoma. Read more.

Read more on Fred Hollows Foundation website

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