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Eye health

Light enters the eyes through the cornea and is converted into electrical signals, that your brain converts into sight.


They’re your windows on the world. Discover more about your eyes’ functions, related conditions, and how to care for them.

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Eye care

From quitting smoking to not sharing makeup, there are a few surprising things you can do to help protect your eyes.

It's important to wear the correct prescription lenses - Eye health for over-60s

Eye health tips for over-60s

Did you know that your eyes need 3 times as much light when you’re 60 as they did when you were 20 years old? Learn more about mature eyes here.

Regular eye tests can help make sure your eyes are in good health.

Eye tests

Regular eye tests can pick up problems before you notice any symptoms – and you don’t need a referral to see an optometrist.

Cataract surgery

Learn more about this procedure, which involves replacing the cloudy lens of the eye with a clear plastic lens.

Laser eye surgery is commonly used to correct vision.

Laser eye surgery

Do you wear glasses? Read about a procedure that can correct your vision by reshaping your cornea with a beam of light – a laser.

Objects or chemicals in the eye

A piece of metal, dirt or chemicals in your eye can be annoying and often dangerous. Here’s what to do if you suspect something’s in your eye.

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Vision tests | Vision Australia. Blindness and low vision services

Getting your vision tested is an important part of your eye health. Optometrists and other eye health professionals can help you identify any changes or problems with your vision and ensure you are getting the support you need. This page summarizes some common vision tests and what they mean.

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Eye care - optometrists - Better Health Channel

A standard eye examination with an optometrist includes a screening for all common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts.

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Eye care | Vision Australia. Blindness and low vision services

Have regular eye check-upsRegular eye check-ups are recommended for people without eye diseases or specific risk factors. Examinations with a registered eye care practitioner (optometrist or ophthalmologist) are recommended every second year.

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Eye health in Australia | Vision Initiative

Introduction to common eye conditions

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Eye health

Eye health If you have diabetes, it is likely that you will develop some changes to your eyes

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Eye health | Vision Australia. Blindness and low vision services

Taking care of your eyes can be a daunting proposition, and its important that you take the time to do it properly. The following links take all the guesswork out of eye health, covering everything from how your eye health is tested, the roles and functions of different types of eye health professionals, and also some basic tips to get you started on your way to protecting your vision.

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Eye health | Australian Government Department of Health

Illness, injury and ageing can affect your eyesight, so it’s important to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Find out what we’re doing to help improve eye health in Australia and prevent vision loss.

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Eye health in remote communities - NT.GOV.AU

The opthalmology outreach team can visit your community to check the health of your eyes.

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Good habits for good eye health | Vision Initiative

Information on how you can best protect your vision

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Ophthalmology services | Vision Initiative

Information on the role of ophthalmologists and ophthalmic nurses in eye health and vision care

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