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Man with bronchitis.


Bronchitis is usually caused by a virus and often develops after a sore throat, cold or flu. Symptoms may include chest discomfort, a cough producing sputum lasting five days or more, fatigue, fever and shortness of breath.

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Vertigo often feels like you are spinning.


Vertigo is a sensation of movement or spinning, tilting or swaying when your body is not actually moving. Learn more about its symptoms and treatments.

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A symptom of a UTI is the need to urinate more often.

Urinary tract infections

Men and women are affected differently by urinary tract diseases. Find out more about UTI symptoms, prevention and when to seek medical help.

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People on exercise bikes.

Fertility week

This year Fertility week, 1-7 September, highlights the impact being overweight can have on fertility, pregnancy health and the health of a child.

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