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Stroke statistics

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with stroke, you might be interested in finding out more information, for example how common it is, the timeframe or likelihood of recovery, related issues and medicine usage and treatments.

Here are some facts and figures, as a starting point:

  • Older people are more likely to have a stroke: 80% of Australians who have had a stroke are 60 years or over, although 25% of strokes occur in people who are under 65.
  • It is possible for children to have strokes.
  • Falls in death rates from cerebrovascular disease (mostly stroke) have occurred in Australia since the 1970s. Age-standardised cerebrovascular disease death rates fell by 37% in males and 32% in females between 1996 and 2006.
  • There were 34,476 hospitalisations in 2006-07 due to strokes.
  • There were 8,484 deaths in 2006 from strokes.
  • More women than men have a stroke and die from it.

The resources below contain a broader range of statistical information on stroke.

Sources: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (Stroke), NHS Choices, UK (Stroke)

Last reviewed: 
February, 2013