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108 trusted resources for urinary incontinence

  1. Incontinence

    Jean Hailes for Women's Health

    This common and distressing condition affects about 20 percent of all Australians. It affects men and women of all ages but it is most common in women and older people.

  2. Urinary incontinence

    myVMC Virtual Medical Centre

    Urinary Incontinence, To better understand incontinence, it helps to understand the structure of the urinary tract. Urine is waste products and water removed from the blood by the kidneys. Urine flows from the kidneys downwards through a pair of tub

  3. Urinary Incontinence

    Kidney Health Australia

    Info for people with poor bladder control

  4. Urinary incontinence

    myVMC Virtual Medical Centre

    Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of urinary incontinence by professional health specialists.

  5. Continence

    Department of Health

    Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine or faeces at an inappropriate time or place (the International Continence Society (ICS), 2005).

  6. Urinary incontinence: tips -


    If you are experiencing symptoms of urinary incontinence some of these suggestions may help.

  7. Urinary incontinence fact sheet - Women's Health Queensland Wide

    Women's Health Queensland Wide

    This factsheet provides information on the different types of urinary incontinence and outlines treatment processes with the aim of encouraging women to seek the help they require.

  8. Bed-wetting -


    Wetting the bed: find out about the causes, effects on children and available treatments for bed-wetting.

  9. Urinary incontinence explained -


    Urinary incontinence is involuntary leakage of urine caused by poor bladder control. Find out about the causes and treatments available.

  10. Oestrogens for urinary incontinence in women

    Australasian Cochrane Centre

    Urinary incontinence is the leakage of urine when coughing or exercising (stress urinary incontinence) or after a strong uncontrollable urge to urinate (urgency urinary incontinence). In women who have gone through the menopause, low oestrogen levels ma...