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18 trusted resources for languages other than english

  1. Information in Languages Other than English

    Cancer Council Victoria

    Cancer Council serves culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria. Here you will find a list of resources available in languages other than English.

  2. Two languages spoken here

    Raising Children Network

    An outline of research into the challenges and rewards of teaching children more than one language. Explains myths and facts about bilingual and multilingual families and children. Also includes tips for helping children learn other languages.

  3. Birth control pills with 20 ?g estrogen versus more than 20 ?g estrogen

    Australasian Cochrane Centre

    Concerns about safety have led to making birth control pills with less of the hormone estrogen. Pills with less estrogen might not work as well to prevent pregnancy and could cause bleeding problems. This review looked at studies that compared pills wit...

  4. Risk of invasive breast cancer in women exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero: A review of the evidence - NBOCC* Position statement

    Cancer Australia

    This document provides a summary of findings from a search of the English language literature to examine the putative association between diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure in utero and invasive breast cancer.

  5. Snacks for children - easy read

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Food for child care, kindy, school, home and outings. Children need a range of healthy foods to grow, learn and play.

  6. Hepatitis C

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    The hepatitis C virus has only been recognised since 1989, although it probably has been causing hepatitis for thousands of years.

  7. Raising a child in a different culture

    Raising Children Network

    Looks at the experiences of migrant parents raising children in Australia, including interviews. Also goes into the challenges, as well as community and family support.

  8. Drinks for children - easy read

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Breastmilk, water and milk are the best drinks for children.

  9. Constipation - easy read

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Not all children poo every day. This is normal. Constipation is when it is hard to poo. This may cause pain and tummy ache...

  10. Fussy eating

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Offer your child a range of healthy foods. Let your child choose which foods they want and how much they want to eat.