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  1. Disability

    Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

    These web pages provide information and resources about disabilities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  2. Disability

    Novita Children's Services

    This page provides basic information about disabilities that occur most commonly for clients registered for services with Novita.

  3. Intellectually Disabled


    The life expectancy of people with a learning disability has increased. This means that many are living into old age with diseases such as cancer or dementia. This also means that if they are not ill themselves, they may have a family member who is seriously ill.

  4. Learning disabilities

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    What is a learning disability? Some kids try really hard to learn and they dont seem to make any progress. Some kids find it really hard to sit still and concentrate.

  5. Living with a disability

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Having a disability means that a person is not able to do something that other people of their age and community can do because of something about their body.

  6. Disability - living with someone who has a disability

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Being disabled means not being able to do things that other people of the same age can do.

  7. Transport


    Many parts of Australia have systems that can help with transport. Disability stickers can also make travelling easier.

  8. Learning difficulties

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Young people learn in many different ways. For example, a person may have lots of creative ideas, but not be able to read as well as others in her class.

  9. Physical disability

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    In some children, the muscles and nerves that control body movements may not be properly formed or may become damaged.

  10. Children with a disability

    RealTime Health

    Personal stories and patient experiences of health and illness. First-hand insights and coping strategies for patients, carers, colleagues and family.