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  1. Allergy

    myVMC Virtual Medical Centre

    Medical information about allergy relief medication, allergy immunology treatment for food allergy symptoms and allergies causing asthma

  2. Allergy

    Dietitians Association of Australia

    Food allergy is a reaction that occurs when the immune system decides that a particular food protein is a threat to the body.

  3. Allergies - general

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    An allergy is your body's overreaction to something that usually doesn't bother most people. For example, grasses, pollen and cat fur can cause trouble for some people.

  4. Food allergies

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    Sometimes proteins in some foods can cause allergic reactions.

  5. Allergy and asthma

    Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

    Asthma is a very common disease in Australia and New Zealand, affecting around one in four children, one in seven teenagers and one in ten adults. Allergy plays an important role in asthma, as one of the major factors associated with the cause and persistence of asthma.

  6. Pollen allergy

    Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

    Pollen from grasses, weeds or trees can trigger symptoms of hayfever and asthma. Pollen seasons can last for several months and exposure is difficult to avoid. However, there are simple ways to prevent or reduce symptoms.

  7. Sulfite allergy

    Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

    Sulfites are preservatives used in some drinks, foods and occasionally medication. Sulfites can cause allergy-like reactions (intolerances), most commonly asthma symptoms in those with underlying asthma, sometimes hay fever-like reactions, occasionally urticaria (hives) and very rarely, anaphylaxis (allergic shock).

  8. Allergy quiz


    Separate the fact from fiction about allergies by taking our quick quiz.

  9. Latex allergy

    myVMC Virtual Medical Centre

    Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of latex allergy by professional health specialists.

  10. Food allergy - easy read

    Women's and Children's Health Network

    One in 15 young children has a food allergy. What are allergic reactions? .....