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The National Centre for Farmer Health

The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH), based in the Australian agricultural centre of Hamilton, is a partnership between Western District Health Service (Hamilton) and Deakin University. NCFH is committed to making a difference to farmers’ lives.

NCFH builds on an industry-service-government partnership developed through the Sustainable Farm Families™ program. The centre is uniquely placed to strengthen the human and rural service workforce.

Focusing on prevention and early identification of risk factors associated with farming populations, the NCFH develops timely, appropriate, effective and popular interventions.

The NCFH team is multi-disciplinary and includes professionals from the health, agricultural, social sciences and information technology disciplines who focus on 4 key strategies to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of farm agricultural workers and their families.

These 4 key strategies include:

  1. Sustainable business development through specific programs:
    • AgriSafe™, an occupational health and safety program specifically aimed at farming 
populations, that includes physical health, wellbeing and farm safety aspects.
    • Sustainable Farm Families™, an award winning and evidence based program structured on knowledge and skill building to promote long term lifestyle and work safety changes in farming families.

  2. Professional training and education delivered to health and agricultural professionals working in farming communities. This includes Australia's only Graduate Certificate of Agricultural Health and Medicine in partnership with Deakin University.
  3. Applied research and development that improves the evidence base on effective interventions that make a difference to farmers lives.
  4. Reputation and reach through providing a web-based information and advisory service specific to farmer health that is recognised nationally and internationally, including an online safety shop.

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Last reviewed: November 2015

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