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Parenthub is a free online resource for Australian parents. It provides relevant and up to date health information.

It provides relevant and up to date health information. Health information is researched and written using independent trustworthy medical resources and must meet stringent editorial approval processes through our professional editorial board prior to publication.

Parenthub provides educational referenced articles on:

  • getting pregnant (preconception)
  • pregnancy and birth
  • parenting newborns through to teenagers
  • nutrition from breastfeeding and formula through to starting solids in babies and kids recipes
  • educational and play activities including learning outcomes
  • latest news and clinical trials.

Parenthub also has information on:

  • interviews based on parents’ individual parenting experiences
  • kid friendly indoor and outdoor places to go
  • toy libraries and other resources.

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Male fertility improved with detox

Drugs, alcohol and medicines can all affect the health of mens sperm and the likelihood of conception. If you are trying to get pregnant youll need to know about how smoking effects fertility, the links between consuming alcohol and male fertility and what recreational drugs are doing to your sperm. Find out more about the substances youll need to avoid to boost your fertility and get your pregnancy off to the healthiest possible start.

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Fussy Eaters: Children and Food | Parenthub

Dr Joe Kosterich talks about fussy eating in children, including what causes it, how to deal with it, and why it's important to make sure your child eats a variety of foods.

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3 weeks pregnant: Pregnancy health information

Pregnancy week three is the week of conception and an important time to be in optimal health. At this stage your pregnancy is vulnerable to miscarriage, which is common and occurs because the fertilised egg fails to implant into the lining of your uterus after conception. Even though there is no way to know for sure if youre pregnant, you should avoid substances which may interfere with implantation and harm your growing baby like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Sexually transmitted infections can also interfere with implantation.

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Hand hygiene- Hand washing for children and babies

Hand washing is best taught in early childhood and there are many ways parents can help their children learn good hand hygiene habits.

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Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

A little bit of anxiety is normal. Parents can help anxious children and teens by talking to them about concerns. Professional help is rarely needed.

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Induction of Labour- Alternative methods

Inducing labour is a common procedure and there are many alternative methods women use to prepare the cervix or stimulate the contractions of labour.

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Advice on how to position and install car seats correctly | Parenthub

Where should a child car seat go? How do you put it in? Correct car seat installation is important for your child's safety.

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Induction of labour

Inducing labour allows women to deliver their baby normally by stimulating labour contractions. There are several medical and surgical techniques which can be used.

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Children and mobile phones

Dr Joe discusses important considerations for parents of children and teenagers who want to, or who already use mobile telephones.

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Umbilical cord care in babies: Video with Dr Joe Kosterich | Parenthub

New parents often wonder what to do with the umbilical cord stump of their newborn. Dr Joe talks about the umbilical cord and answers common questions.

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